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Available Self Storage Units - Great Falls

10 x 12 x 8

Secure enclosed lockable units for all your personal belongings.

$55 / month

Packing with a purpose

Pack your boxes strategically
Take inventory
Place important and items you will need in an accessible spot
Wipe away any food or smells that would attract pests
Make sure boxes are securely closed
Remove batteries from electronics
Wrap your fragile items to avoid cracking or chipping
Pack boxes uniformally
When stacking vertically make sure everything is secure
storage unit organization

Items not allowed

Items Not Allowed

Storage of animals or their carcasses

Not to be used as a dwelling place or place of business

Items Not Allowed

Perishable Goods

Illegal items, materials or substances

Items Not Allowed

Storage of Chemicals or Flammable matter

Items stored outside of the leased unit or on the premises